Sunday, June 27, 2010

Okay i have thoughts today but don't know to let them out. Several issues is going on with me but don't how to make them come out making sense. Maybe because they are not supposed to make sense, maybe i am thinking on them too much. One involves service at church, the other is complicated. This would be a good time to have a close friend near had experience in this one area. I am talking broadly because i be sharing this blog. All i say it involves a human. I tend to think too hard about things and they could be simple but i tend to think on it way to much. Then make them to be out more than they are. I am going to try to pray and not worry/think about it. Thank you Lord for your Love and goodness to me. Thank you i don't have to rich in my own eyes or the worlds eyes. That rich is better when you are blessed by God and have the relationship you should have with him. Today BSBC had a good service and glad that i went. Sometime i want to visit LCBC Lancaster city sometime. Maybe i can do it before i can to bright side sometime. Also i want to visit crossroads sometime again. Just not sure when because i don't like to miss my own church. Some Sunday i will have to make the sacrifice. Looking forward to what God is going to bring me in the coming months, year ahead.

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