Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today I went to church, did Sunday school and church. Both were good learning moments and the Holy Spirit worked and helped me learn some things about me and how to handle everyday moments. A church that is close to where i live helped us out today. Instead of having church they cut our hedges, m0wed the lawn and did some weed picking. Be definitely be sending them a thank you note.

Now i made lunch and ready to relax and watch blindside. I wanted to watch it when it was in the movie theater but didn't get the chance. It is supposed to be a good movie. I guess will see. Some days i get tired of playing church but always in the pursuit of being real and down the earth. I don't want to play church i want to be real. Moms day was hard at work, they had a bad day and busy one. I am glad she is home now and can relax. Makes me grateful for a place that i can work that is air conditioned.

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