Saturday, June 12, 2010

thoughts for 6/12/10 part 1

So what is going on with me? I havent wrote in this for a while, so it is time for me to do so. Today i am glad that i dont have to work because it has been a crazy week and I need a ceista. I hope i spelled that right. I had a down week but the Lord he brought me through it. I am lookingforward to the day that i can use my experiance to help others to become healthy and more able bodied people. They said at the gym that i attend they cant afford to pay anymore instructors so maybe my time is not yet come to be an instructor. Right now i guess i am to follow His lead. I see God in helping me become one but it is taking steps and time for the end result to happen. Like at the gym that i go to there is a lady that is willing to mentor/work with me to do step class and aeorbics. I have realized i need to more praying for myself that God will guide my life and maybe its time for some changes in all areas. Like in church maybe becoming more involved with other areas f church life. With support services and health and less with sunday school. But i need to pray first and let Him do the guideing and leading.

Today at church we had the business meeting. SOmedays it discourages me to see that there is not alot of people in attendance to the meetings. Another area to pray about and not let just discourage. I am reminded of the words of this verse " Let the words of my mouth and mediations of my heart and mind be pleasing unto the Lord" I dontthink i quoted it word by word. BUt i get the gest of it, to use my words and that my heart should be of Him and the things and thoughts of Christ.

On tuesday night i hope i can go to a event at eden that is with a deacon at my chuch that it is going to be about fitness and money. So prayfully i plan to be there. I need to call the lady at bsoc to talk about what she did to become a fitness person and learn from her. Thank you Lord how you lead and guide i dont always see what you are doing or understand it but thankful for the times He allows for me to see glimpses and little understandings. Help me Lord not get sidetracked on what you are calling me to do, i have a servants heart but i need to follow you.

Today i look forward to going to the witness festival at quarreyville i hope it dosnt get to hot because its not as pleasant then look forward to going to a friends house from work, she is having a family oreinted party. So looking forward to that. I look forward to doing some minor clean up. I realize there is a couple books that i want to take the time to read because they have been sitting there for months and months. I need to read and pass them on. Time is thhe issue and sitting myself down to read them is the other issue.

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