Saturday, June 19, 2010

So my blog is called my blessed life. It is blessed, but sometimes i feel like it isn't just because of the circumstances that happen in it. But i have to go and look at the WHOLE picture of what my life is and not what a small part looks like or what happens at that moment or day. Like today i was coming home heading towards health ministry meeting, and my two passenger tires blew holes in them and had a dilemma on my hands. The Lord brought over to people that asked how i was and to make sure i was okay. At the time i didn't take it as helpers but now that i look at it, it is. I am thankful that i have aaa's, that even though it was tough to experience had a decent place to be until stay until three A's came to help me and tow my car to the shop to get two new tires. Also the fact my mom was able to come and help me, the Good Lord made sure a bad situation come into a okay ending. He made sure i help, to get the things i needed in that situation. In life you have to take the good, bad and the ugly. But I am thankful that i have the Lord through them all. Sometimes you get to go over the mountain but sometimes you have to go through it or through the valley moments. But He is always there with you and make sure you sailing isn't as bumpy as could be.

Today i was able to go to a baseball game, good time but didn't stay the whole time. There was a youth that sang today the national anthem, she has a God given gift of singing. Overall i didn't have a wonderful day but it wasn't a bad day either. Things happen in life that are not pleasant but that is life. God didn't say our lives would be a bed of roses, but wait maybe he did. In the roses there are some thorns and some not straight stems. So in that sense life is a bed of roses. It just not the pretty part of the roses sometimes.

Tomorrow is fathers day, i am remembering my father who help give me life. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with him but i am glad for the memories i do have of him and the life lessons that i learned from him. Like what to do and what not to do. Thank you God for giving me a dad ad many other men that you have brought into my life that has made a difference for the better and help me stay away from the life i could have had if i would have wondered off, etc.

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  1. really sweet post Denise! I love the part about the "bed of roses" but with the thorns and bent stems too:) that's great! hugs:)