Saturday, June 12, 2010

Witness Festival

Today i went to a music festival that they call witness fesitval. It has music and speakers, so you know what goes on. There was a tent that had vendors: the people that sang, the people that spoke and some local colleges and buisnesses. had a nice time, it was hot and humid that means it was sunny too. The last time they had the event it was 2 years ago. There was alot of people there, i stayed for two hours and it was a good time. It was in quarryville, pa, it was in a nice area and nice setting. Big wide open grassy field, perfect, a lot of people but they had a big enough place that it didnt have to be cramped for space. Which i like because i dont like crowds and espcially if they are cramped. I can deal better if they are spread apart. I would hav stayed longer if it wasnt getting hot and it had more shade to cover me. Good time was had by me and seemed like everyone else was having a good time. I got to see PurNRG and Reilly then heard David Nassar speak. All were good and enjoyed all. I am hoping that i can go again and hope they have the event again. Next year may try to stay longer and bring some people along with me. :)

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