Friday, July 2, 2010


Tonight i went to a former instructor/friends house. She has a nice house and it was a good experience. These kind of events make me stop and think about how life was and how it is now. Both are good and enjoyed the experience tonight and remembering the good times. Also enjoyed catching up with people that i don't get to see often. It also has made me remember where i have come and how far. In some ways i feel stuck and want to move forward but that is hard to do considering my circumstances but in a way it is good to be where i am at. Life has been teaching me in some cases to slow down and enjoy life where it is. But in some to move on and keep going forward. Problem is i don't know what to do. I guess prayer, and wide open mind an thought before action is in order.

Like i love cvcc but in some respects i want to move forward to a thriving fitness center where can be challenged and i also feel that life is not going fast enough. It is hard for me to slow down and let things happen like they should. Big goal get a part time job so i can get out of debt because that is one way i am feeling stuck, i am needing to get money to get a better car, and pay some misc bills off. This is not a way to get rich just to get a better grip financially. The other is waiting to see what will happen to cvcc. I don't want to leave too soon because there maybe some hope yet. But not just to stay to stay. I do enjoy the people and the convenince of it being so close to my job. I will at least wait until i am mentored by Ricarda for step class and watch for opptys to use my experiences to help other people where i was. I miss the past but not all of it and the future is not easy because i don't know what it holds and but i like the fact that i have much more to learn and more growing to do.

I am looking forward to my 4 day weekend ahead. I need to write a list of things i want to get done and do while i am off. Hopefully i can do some relaxing while i am off. Tommorrow i get to go watch a movie hopefully it is a good one

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