Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is thankful for how God controls all of life. I dont always understand it all but i know that whatever he puts in my life it has a purpose in HIS plan and i am glad i am following HIM. I may not always like it but know that it is for the best. I am diffently spending too much time on facebook and the computer, did better today than most, got housework done today without come to it. There seems to be a pattern to God's work, like recently he allowed me to take the class on primary aeorbics and was awarded the certification and received certification in cpr. Thank you Lord! Now is the waiting game on how to use both of them. I realize to get more certificcation i need more money but i will have to rely on Him to provide that and that means time to wait on him for the money and the right timing. I guess i will have to wait and see what He has in store and be satifised with not having it all happen at once and controlling all that happens.

Today i got all cleaning done, just would like to get some computer related things done. Looks like i will be signing up for the Freedom run 2010 it is to benefit eating disorders and Leukeima and Lyphoma light the night walk. I am trying not to sign up for everything which is hard because i want to sign up for every 5k run/walk that is out there but i have to have lots of money and time to do so.

Today i am remembering a lady that passed away. I didnt know her but i knew the family. My prayers are with them as they remember her life. She was 102 so she lived a good life and long one. Thank you Lord for her life and family. Be with them Lord as they remember her and try to live life without her until they get to see her in Heaven.

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