Saturday, May 29, 2010


So gary coleman has died last night. That in itself has me thankful i get to live another day. I am thankful for the Lord on my side. I worked out today almost 2 hours and hopefully i can get the 2lbs off. I am thankful for losing 107 lbs. I hope to go visit my dear friend Dorothy today. I havent seen her for 2 weeks and i want to make a point to visit her often. Someday i want to write my story of how i lost the weight, maybe with memorial day coming on monday i can sit and do that. I better get off computer so i can take shower and visit her and then get to clean house.


  1. It's great you started a blog! I think you should write your story of losing the weight and post it on can definitely inspire others!

  2. didnt ever think of that but that is a good idea. thanks