Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I began my weight loss journey without knowing or trying. It all began when I was told my employer offered a discount at a local gym and fitness center. It was in walking distance from my workplace so I decided to sue this offer to exercise before starting work. I began on the treadmill and now use it along with the rest of the equipment.

I also found that in the gym area other classes were offered: cardio, bikes etc. but being overweight made me think twice about attending these classes. Now I do cardio, strength training and other programs/classes that they offer.
As time progressed I also learned of a support group called TOPS. My group is 999, Lancaster this is where I started to lose weight and become a healthier me.

I always knew I had some extra weight on my body. Growing up I had tried “diets” so I decided to join this group. My first meeting told me that “this was for me”, they didn’t stress any particular program, plan or talk about diets. Which is good because of growing up with the word diet tends to turn you off. I started going to the weekly meetings and found out that I could go there without judgment and receives support.

I attended weekly meetings and began to lose weight. Yes there were some ups and downs, but soon I was on my journey to healthier Denise. I had accepted my new lifestyle. As part of my new lifestyle I had to go through my kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer and clear out foods that were not healthy for me. I also went grocery shopping; I bought different foods like fish, boneless skinless chicken, frozen vegetables, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. I also spent time looking for healthier recipes to spice up foods that I would enjoy. I also give honor to God, my family and close friends in helping me in changing my lifestyle.

After I began to lose weight I turned to the TOPS Magazine and my relationship with God for daily direction.

The beginning of my journey, I weighed 264 pounds and size 28 clothes. I am now 108 lbs lighter and wear a size 8/10. This took four years to accomplish. I’m now a KOPS and my responsibility is to encourage others.

Currently I work out six days a week and with one day to rest. These include at least three days of cardio (i.e. elliptical, cycling, step class) and strength training. The other day’s just cardio and weight training.

I am currently training to become a step instructor and plan to do a 5K run this year. It is good to have goals but I have learned that in order to successfully achieve those goals it is important to take one small at a time.

Denise Y Black
TOPS, 999 Lancaster, PA

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